Himfloor DS2000


Decorative synthetic resin floor screed based on epoxy and coloured quartz sand


Himfloor DS2000 is a decorative resin screed, used where decorative aspect and chemical and abrasion resistance to medium traffic are needed. Applications include restaurants, pharmaceutical laboratories, food industry, industrial workshops, exhibition halls, and other medium traffic area.


  • hygienic-provides a dense, impervious, seamless floor surface, which is easy to clean
  • decorative aspect-wide range of coloured quartz sands available
  • “texture-adjustable” surface with an “orange-peel” aspect-anti-slip
  • durable-good abrasion resistance to medium traffic
  • resistant to wide range of chemicals
  • solvent-free-if water based finish coat

Product description

Himfloor DS2000 is an epoxy resin screed, showing coloured quartz aggregates. It is obtained after a succession of different layers. The final aspect can be more or less textured, depending on the required anti-slip properties. A satin or mat finishing coat is recommended in all cases. The standard total thickness can be set a 3.4 or 5 mm.

Technical data

Adhesion to concrete: adhesion tests have shown cohesive failure of substrate (when this latter had an average resistance of 3.4 Mpa)
Chemical resistance : HIM can issue results to a large range of chemicals, as well as perform specific tests on request, though Himfloor DS2000 has turned out to perform well in usual industrial areas.
Industrial and pedestrian traffics : Himfloor DS2000 has been submitted to complete sets of testing in order to evaluate its use in public buildings (UPEC classification for pedestrian traffic) and industrial areas (“Classement Perfermancial”). Please contact HIM for further information on those classification.
Fire testing Please contact HIM


HIM suggests to use Himfloor DS2000 in combination with a number of premixed coloured quartz aggregates, to be obtained from an approved supplier. However alternative suppliers and colours may be used, but this may effect durability, colour, final aspect and performance.

Flooring System

1 coat of HIM Primer 30 or 31 (only if the substrate is more absorbent than usual), scattered with quartz sand.
1 first scratch layer of Himfloor RAG White mixed with calibrated sand mix, scattered with natural
quartz sand.
1 second scratch layer of Himfloor RAG Neutral mixed with calibrated sand mix, scattered with coloured quartz sand.
1 or 2 seal-coat(s) of Himfloor DS2/3000N.
1 finish-coat such as Himfloor FC215 Clear.


The service life of a floor can be considerably extended by good housekeeping. Regular cleaning may be carried out using a rotary brushing machine with a water diluted cleaning agent at temperatures up to 50°C.

Temperature Limitations

Himfloor DS2000 shall not be applied at temperatures below 5°C, nor onto a substrate with a temperature lower than 3°C over the dew point. The maximum application temperature is 35°C.
The relative humidity shall not exceed 80%.

Surface preparation

It is essential to thoroughly prepare the surface in order to achieve a sound, clean and dry substrate. Concrete substrates can be grit-blasted, milled or both. The substrate needs to be repaired (dead cracks, holes …) before applying Himfloor DS2000.


New concrete floors should be at least 28 days old and contain no more water than 5% by weight. Care should be taken that no rising damp can take place through the substrate,resulting in blisters and/or adhesion failure of the system. The rubber mat test can help to predict rising damp.


When the prepared substrate is more absorbent than usual it may be necessary to apply one coat of HIM Primer 30 or 31. This coat has to be scattered with 0,4/0,9 mm natural quartz sand to achieve grip while applying the first scratch layer.


HIM may recommend resin floor Contractors used to its products and application techniques,and will allow them only to proceed.

Material consumption per m² (theoretical)

The figures given for the first scratch layer are less realistic than the others due to the influence of the state of the substrate, they therefore must be considered as minimum consumptions. The other figures are given for the use of a grinding grain n°16 (and should also be considered as minimum consumptions if the grinding grain is finer and/or if the grinding is not crossed as it must be)

Himfloor DS2000 ( 3 mm coat thickness) :  
First scratch layer :
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer F35” mix :
Sand MI 0.4/0.9 mm

1.4 kg
2.5 kg (scattered in excess)
Second scratch layer:
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer F35” mix :
Quartzcolor sand mix for Himfloor DS2000

1.4 kg
2.7 kg (scattered in excess)
Seal coat(s):
Himfloor DS2/3000N :

from 0.5 to 0.75 kg (depending on the
hardness of the rubber trowel or the use of a
steel float and the required texture) Normally
one coat of Himfloor DS2/3000N is sufficient,
but in case a second coat should be applied,
the consumption will be approx. 0.15 kg.
Finish coat:
Himfloor FC215 :
0.1 to 0.15 kg
(alternative finishing coats can be used)
Himfloor DS2000 (4 mm coat thickness) :  
First scratch layer :
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer G2” mix : 1.9 kg
Sand MI 0.7/1,3 mm
1.9 kg
3 kg (scattered in excess)
Second scratch layer:
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer G2” mix :
Quartzcolor sand mix for Himfloor DS2000
1.9 kg
3.2 kg (scattered in excess)
Seal coat(s) and Finish coat: as per previously described 3mm system
Himfloor DS2000 (5 mm coat thickness) :  
First scratch layer :
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer G3” mix :
Sand BB 0.8/1.8 mm
2.4 kg
3.7 kg (scattered in excess)
Second scratch layer:
Himfloor RAG “scratch layer G3” mix :
Quartzcolor sand mix for Himfloor DS2000
2.4 kg
3.7 kg (scattered in excess)
Seal coat(s) and Finish coat: as per previously described 3mm system


Life joints, construction joints and thermal joints shall be located and re-installed after curing of the system, if not, reflective cracking will occur.

Potlife at 20°C

Himfloor RAG 40 minutes
Himfloor DS2/3000N 25 minutes

Curing time at 20°C

Himfloor RAG 8 hours
Himfloor DS2/3000N 10 hours

Tool cleaning

Himfloor RAG and Himfloor DS2/3000N shall be removed from tools and equipment with HIM Solvent 102 immediately after use. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

Shelf life

All components used in the Himfloor DS2000 system have a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry, cool store in the original, unopened packs.

Safety precautions

Some of the components mentioned in this product information sheet, may be classified as irritant, flammable or corrosive. Material Safety Data Sheets, available for each component,must therefore be fully consulted in order to make sure relevant care is taken.


Disposal of spillage or empty packaging should be in accordance with local waste disposal regulations. For further information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
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ISO 9001

Important notice

notice the above data are based on tests believed to be reliable and are given for information only. The data are correct on the issuing date sheet. Since conditions of use are beyond our control, we cannot and do not assume any liability in connection with the use of product relative to coverage performance. Injury or any other achievement. Published data are subject to be modified without prior notice. We therefore advice you to inquire approx. 12 months after issuing date of this data sheet if all data are still valid and up-to-date.
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