Himfloor DS2000 Dissipative


Decorative epoxy resin flooring system capable of dissipating electrostatic charges, resistance to groundable point : 1x104Ω to 1x108Ω


Himfloor DS2000 Dissipative has been designed for use in areas requiring a floor system as one of the measures to control static electricity. This system is suitable for environments where resistance to light and medium industrial duty is required. Typical areas of use include electronics manufacture and assembly, clean rooms, weighing rooms and similar industrial environments.
Important: always ensure that the conductivity of the floor is never adversely affected by insulating floor wax or insulating sole plates, etc.
Check in advance whether a surface resistance of 1x104Ω to 1x108Ω (at 100 V and according to measuring method from surface to groundable point as per standard EN 1081) is in fact adequate.


  • Esthetical appearance – enhances the working environment due to the use of coloured sands
  • Hygienic-provides a dense, impervious and seamless floor surface which is easy to clean
  • Durable-good abrasion resistance (light to medium industrial traffic)
  • Chemical resistant-good resistance to a wide range of chemicals

Technical data

Thickness : 3 mm
Adhesive bond with concrete : exceeds concrete cohesion
Surface resistance : 1x104Ω to 1x108Ω measured at 100V (according to EN 1081)
Chemical resistance : the cured floor toppings are resistant to diluted mineral acids and diluted alkalis, and a large number of chemicals commonly used

Product description

Himfloor DS2000 Dissipative is an epoxy resin floor topping in which coloured quartz sand enhances the aesthetic qualities of the surface.


The floors can be supplied in a range of standard colours for which a colour card is available upon request. Unlike traditional coloured-sand floor toppings. Other shades due to the special composition of the mixture used for this flooring system.

Standard flooring system

Himfloor DS Dissipative consists in at list 5 layers (details f which known by Him’s approved contractors).


The service life of the floor can be considerably extended by good housekeeping. Regular cleaning may by carried out using a rotary scrubbing machine with a water miscible cleaning agent at temperatures up to 50°C.
Whatever the type of cleaning agent and/or technique used, the floor surface must be absolutely free from any remanence of foreign matter after the cleaning operation in order to keep proper conductivity of the floor.

Temperature limitations

Himfloor DS2000 Dissipative should not be applied at ambient temperatures below 5°C (or above 35°C) nor at a substrate temperature lower than the dew point temperature plus 3°C. the relative humidity of the air should not exceed 80%. Normal application conditions and delay achieved between 10°C an 25°C

Pot life

Pot life at 20°C
Him Primers and faring layer: please refer to relevant product information sheet
Himfloor DS Dissipative Undercoat: 35 minutes
Himfloor Dissipative Topcoat: 35 minutes
Himfloor DS2/3000N Sealer: 25 minutes

Tool cleaning

Tools and used equipment should be cleaned with HIM Solvent 102 immediately after use. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically

Surface preparations

It is essential to thoroughly prepare the floor surface in order to achieve a sound, grease-free, clean and dry substrate. Depending on the surface, milling, grit blasting, grinding or a combination of some of these techniques must be undertaken.


New concrete or cement floors should be at least 28 days old and show a water content not exceeding 5%. With no-self-supporting concrete floors transfer of moisture from the soil might occur, resulting in adhesion failure of the flooring system. In order to judge the suitability of a substrate beforehand, apply the rubber mat test. If any cracks are formed after laying the floor, reflective cracks will appear in the system.


Prior to the application of the system, the concrete surface must be primed and/or faired. The characteristics of such a layer are known by him’s approved contractor.


Proper mixing of the components is essential. Mix the base and hardener for at least 3 minutes in a mixing vessel until the components have been properly mixed. If the colour pot is added, continue mixing until an even colour is shown. Add the sand gradually while mixing the components until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Do not add solvents! If possible, bring the mixture in small heaps onto the surface to be treated in order to prolong is workability and preserve its proper consistency. If any of the mixture is to remain in the mixing vessel, it should be applied within the time specified for its pot life, and remixed regularly to prevent sand from setting.

Material consumption

Details are known by him’s approved contractor contractor. The strict respect of coverages is one of the key points to achieve the right electrical characteristics. Each approved contractor has been trained on this point by the Technical Assistance department of Him.


Each approved contractor has appreciated current and specific techniques of application related to Himfloor DS Dissipative system with the presence of Him Technical Assistant for the tow first job sites.


All existing movement, construction and expansion joints should be located and bridged with earthing connections in order to secure the conductivity of the floor.

Shelf life

All Himfloor DS2000 Dissipative components have a shelf life of 12 months if kept in the original, unopened packs in a dry, cool store.

Safety precautions

Certain components may be classified as irritant, inflammable and/or corrosive substances. It is therefore necessary to consult the relevant material Safetay Data sheets for precautions in handing these components.


Disposal of any unused material, spillage and/or empty packing should be in accordance with local waste disposal regulations. For further information, see the Material Safety Data Sheets.
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ISO 9001

Important notice

notice the above data are based on tests believed to be reliable and are given for information only. The data are correct on the issuing date sheet. Since conditions of use are beyond our control, we cannot and do not assume any liability in connection with the use of product relative to coverage performance. Injury or any other achievement. Published data are subject to be modified without prior notice. We therefore advice you to inquire approx. 12 months after issuing date of this data sheet if all data are still valid and up-to-date.
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